Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Treasure hunting

The other day we dropped by a flea-market in the close-by tiny village. You wouldn't BELIEVE the things they had for sale. Please get in touch with me, if you wish to know where the place is - I am scared to give any details here as I really don't know whether they keep the place properly locked. 

 This specific flea-market is special for two reasons:  it is held in an old house where no renovation has taken place - well, ever, I assume ;) - and the old cardboard walls and wooden floors are still intact. You get instantly that tickle to your fingertips - what can I find here?? 

The other reason is that there is nothing tried or styled about this flea-market - it is as authentic as it can get. The people living in the surrounding areas are selling their things found in the corner of the barn, or in the dusty attic, and that's it. There are some 100+- years old larger pieces (like the below reddish bench from 19th century, BEAUTIFUL!) which aren't for sale easily (this woman knows as I figured I must have asked about every single such piece ;)).

No, I don't think the old country side of Finland can get any more authentic than this.

kotimaan matkailu, kirpputori, kirppislöytö

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