Thursday, June 7, 2012

Geranium Geek

Geraniums continue to be my favorite flower during summer time. This love story began during the six years we lived in Istanbul (red ones, always), and has now continued throughout the 3 years here in Sweden.

The biggest reason, obviously, being that we sort of have made an agreement; they try to stay alive despite my not-so-systematic watering and nourishing - and I admire them every time I walk by (and promise to water them the NEXT time I walk by).

 Last year Geraniums started become fashionable in Sweden again, and now there are so many varieties available it is really hard to make your pick! So I went for white ;), despite all these beauties around me.

I can recommend all the below arrangements, as I've had them myself during the previous years, and they have bloomed, looked beautiful, and survived the annual sweden-summerhouseinfinland-sweden trip (yes, in our trailer). My husband has happily organized his management team meetings so that he is always gone the week his wife transfers the family (including the flowers) to Finland for 6-7 weeks...well, I don't enjoy it too much either, so he has my full understanding.

The below white flowers grew and grew last year, and bloomed until end of October. They did seem to get another life after we moved back from Finland in August - I don't know anything about the zones and everything, but apparently our summer house, which is located geographically about 200 km north of Stockholm, is a bit too north for these cuties.

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