Saturday, June 23, 2012

Picnic for kids

Second-hand ragrugs, old milk churn and - an antique bushel as a bread basket

It has been one of those PERFECT midsummers this year. Sunny, warm (the Finnish way ;), but still) and most of all - relaxing. The kids have been running around the forest and the yard all day and fallen asleep like small potatoes in the evening (like right now...)

Summer picnic

Flowers from the yard in an old milk churn
Somehow Midsummer seems to be such an adult celebration with the staying up late and looking at the bonfires being lit up at midnight, drinking alcohol and - well.  We thought to change that a little this year, and have been enjoying ourselves - but also preparing some fun stuff for the kids, as well, like a picnic on the pier after their 1-of-the-many swims.  Preparing the picnic took perhaps 15 minutes, and we all enjoyed so much. Unfortunately I was able to post here only one photo with a kid on it, as there was someone's naked bottom in each of the pictures ;). It was somewhat hysterical taking these photos...

The ingredients: second-hand rag rugs, vintage milk churn together with flowers picked from our yard (and one flowerpot...), and an antique bushel I managed to find during the winter!! It is GORGEOUS. And in perfect shape.

Turkish cherries (love)

These Rice shopping bags - they take me and my family EVERYWHERE this year...
 Below all of it is starting to be gone...

Yeezzz - I like the chocolate stuff...
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