Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weranna's Fall Winter 2014-2015 - photoshoot with Paulina Arcklin

The back of Paulina Arcklin's head - as always.

Fall Winter 2014-2015 trends…well, we did our own again. Weranna's style.

Old vintage furniture. Recycled furniture. Talk about innovative use for Hello Kitty hola hoop, for example ;). And Paulina got to use her paintbrush. And also another favorite - DYLON fabric dyes.

Natural materials - mostly wool, alpaca and felt in textiles. Wild olive tree, sesame tree and ceramics for the kitchen and accessories.

Hand-made soaps, all natural ingredients.

Colors - earthy and natural. Mixed with some orchid and pink flavors.

We carried all the stuff you see on the photos into a day-light studio  - 3rd floor in Amsterdam. Oh, and of course before that we had carried them out from 2nd floor apartment in Amsterdam.  Those of you, again, who have done this and know what I'm talking about know that it was one day of sweat and serious exercise. After all the preparations beforehand, that is.

It was also a day of many drinks (it was HOT that day in Amsterdam), delicious salads and tons of candy and nuts. The usual stuff.

We are currently working on the catalogue, and it will be BEAUTIFUL. Almost as beautiful as the new range of products we will be introducing to the store ;).

Stay tuned!

Weranna's Fall/Winter 2014-2015 eCatalgoue will be out soon!