Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yes, we all have our challenges

If I would rate this challenge in my life from 4-10, it would end up somewhere around 4,5. Max. But when the date for a show opening is coming closer and closer, you kinda get stressed. How do I write Weranna's Warehouse, and all the brands we represent on the wall? It is a bit embarrassing if they are not written there. And if they are just 'written' there, that's...well...boring.

I could've just used some agency to plan this for me. But I didn't want to. When you have in your mind, that this will be a DIY stand, then it really will be one.

So I would drive by this pallet beside our drive way every day - it came under some On Interior lanterns in November, and have been 'weathering' (perfect word ;)) there ever since. And one day I drove by, probably again thinking how to solve this, and thought - okay! We will just simply lift that one on the wall!! Dried it in sauna while I went through hours of letter adjustment, printing and cutting of the stencils at the kitchen table while chatting with my 6-year-old...until it was time to actually use the stencils.

Okay, okay okay...if it goes wrong, I'll just need to paint the whole thing white and do the letters with blue...okay, okay, okay....but it didn't! Only the stencils were a 1-timer (you see them on the upper corner all rolled up and destroyed), but hopefully my pallet will last for some time...

With Weranna's logo it all started of the image in my head that the letters need to come out of the wall. A perfect solution would've been to get them made of clay (perhaps next year?), or cut out of wood. But as life has been a bit on the windy side lately (or a hurricane would probably be the better describing word, I'll perhaps write a book about the past 4 months at some point ;)), it just didn't happen. So what did happen?

Old cardboard boxes. Adjusting letter sizes and printing them. Cutting them out. Spray painting them white (AND some branches). The plastic underneath is quite fab, as well. Perhaps it will be used for the Halloween party of Weranna's or something ;).

And this, my friends, was the most time consuming part of the whole stand preparation. I look at them now, and I am very, very happy. Like with anything you've done with your own hands :).

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Building a DIY fair stand... a lot of work. And not, as it is so much fun :)! I thought somewhere there during the process that I could actually, instead of an interior designer, become an 'interior realizer'. Why? Because I've always enjoyed the physical side of the work.

I also loved the images that were flashing through my mind during the sleepless nights before and after Christmas (after I was crazy enough to say 'YES' to the offer from FORMEX to double our space as someone had cancelled at the last minute. DON'T accept, is my advice, unless you are completely crazy like me ;)). Extremely talented Paulina Arcklin had made excellent plans for Weranna's how it will all work out with 4 brands to present at the initial stand, but...yes, well, when plans change...

Luckily I love the planning, who doesn't? Which structures, which materials, which colors? How to build the contrasts between Weranna's products with soft forms and the surroundings? How to bring up the textures of the hand-made beauties in the most flattering way?

I loved the preparation (which required the not-so-smart trailer trips to the local market with slippery ground and 2 petite ladies loading wood and keeping the lid of the trailer up and ..... well, it all ended without anyone injured, those small wonders in life). The carrying (lot's of it), the painting (I thought of it more as biceps and triceps exercise) and all that.

I loved the building of the stand. It took us all in all about 20 hours.

I hated tearing it down. It took 4 hours. Almost precisely. And left me with a 3-day hangover, or at least so it felt ;).

The most challenging, time consuming part? More about that in the next post :).
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