Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wish upon a star


Weranna's blog has been quiet for almost a month! I didn't even realize. For those following
regularly, I do apologize. Sometimes life just gives a bit too much to handle, and the past month
has been really a struggle. Nothing to do with me really, but let's say some negative things around
us have been trying to take over this overly sensitive soul of mine ;), and there just has been a
lack of energy to do anything extra.

This blog has always been more my dear hobby rather than anything else, and place to share
good things, inspirational things, funny things - when your eyes fail to see such for a while, then...
well...couldn't think anything to write about really. plan was to add these wonderful hand-made and hand-decorated glass xmas balls
to the store (have you already visited our Christmas corner?). But - as it turned out - the
software decided not to accept any photos, so be it. Later. Will be raking the leaves from
the summer house yard instead :).

Before the ground is fully frozen, make sure to get a few branches (5 in this case) and tie
together a beautiful star! So easy and fast to make, 0 cost, and can be used for many things -
more about that later ;).

Yesterday we had a great clear night here at our summer place, the moon lighting up the forest
and the sky filled with shiny stars. I sent a small wish up high - let me be happy again.