Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kelly Hoppen store - disappeared?


Whatever has happened, me not know - but the Kelly Hoppen online shop seems to have disappeared!! I guess as her own boutique is moving to Selfridges&Co, she has also closed the online shop. What a pity!!! She had a beautiful, wonderful collection of cushions, lanterns, prints...and I really wanted to share those with you, in my own way. Now gotta settle for this photo...


It was in some magazine a couple weeks back, that Artwood will present her products in the Scandinavian market shortly, but at least today their website didn't have any hits when searching for Kelly Hoppen.

Where are you, you beautiful thingys??


White&soft catalogue

I mentioned in some post(s) last week that I had the chance to visit EVTEKS 2011 in Istanbul. This is the second largest annual home textile fair in the world, and I can't even imagine what the largest then feels like...

You like feel the fabrics (in this specific case) in your hand and just adore the patterns and the VARIETY that there is available now-a-days? I LOVE FABRICS!! I've inherited it from my mom, yes - she is always buying when she sees a nice material - she comes up with something she will make of it (of course she doesn't, in most cases), but she just has to have it. Which is great - when she (OR her daughters) then needs something, she just goes to her fabric storage, and often, she finds a perfect match to what she was looking for! And - have to mention - always the best quality. Silk, wool, cotton, linen...nice.

In our family (meaning the larger family including grandmom and aunts and such) sowing and stitching and knitting and all that has always been a part of the everyday life. With that background the fair was just a mindblower!! Hear about the trends (you can take a peek here) for seasons to come, and see how they have been developed, what has been the inspiration for the true professionals in this field...

The below fabric clips are all from the magazine Collezioni Trends Spring/Summer 2012. These fabrics are not necessarily used for home textiles, but I wanted to use these clips to highlight somewhat what I could see the most. Depending on the source, the themes vary, of course, but I personally would pick up the following 'main streams':

- White with greyish and blueish tones. Jeans, ocean, beach
-  history, gold!!, artwork with strong colors, South America
- garden inspired, ethnic, eco, natural materials

Collezioni Trends Magazine Spring/Summer 2012

And where it all begins - the yarns...can you imagine having the huge rolls of yarn in all possible colors neatly organized in shelves 3 meters tall?

I can, as I saw it...mmmmm.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Side Tables

HOME art May 2011

EVTEKS in Istanbul was wonderful! The fair gave me tons of inspiration, as well as the rare chance (read: time in the airplane) to flip through 10-15 international lifestyle / home decor magazines.

Here is a collection of some beautiful side tables and arrangements I found. Needless to say - Turkish are the best at this. Anyone who has visited a Turkish home has seen that they have these wonderful arrangements even outdoors in their garden. Below also a nice tip for us: have your arrangement on a beautiful tray - easier to remove when dusting!

HOME art May 2011

Also; I kind of promised myself I won't be mentioning IKEA in this blog, as the company tends to define the style and the trends in Scandinavia TOO much, but here you see a nice side table set designed by Ola Wihlborg.

And here a HAAZ version

HOME Art May 2011
Or why not use a beautiful chair...

Country Living May 2011

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Wrought iron headboard

House Beautiful Turkey edition May 2011

I’ve been looking for a headboard to our bed since we moved to the new house. In the previous house we had an inside ‘window’ facing the walk-in-closet as a headboard, so didn’t need anything else. Now there’s just a plain…brown…wall.

A couple of weeks back, I was reading Ruby Rhino's blog on a orange bedroom. She was more talking about the color orange (can’t really recall what she wrote, sorry!), while my focus was completely on the headboard (perhaps a gate-turned-headboard?)partly visible in the picture. There it is!! 

Problem – where do I get such a thing in Sweden, or in Finland (mentally  very close to me for obvious reasons)? I could perhaps get 1 made at Rustica in Finland. Now that I am really looking for this piece on my home front, they seem to be EVERYWHERE (but here, that is) – Look now:
Mudo Concept of Turkey has everything possible from rocking chair to garden furniture:
House Beautiful Turkey edition May 2011

Even Tchibo (in the classic Tchibo style, 499,95 YTL, of course...:)) has something for the garden:

House Beautiful Turkey edition May 2011

I just need a headboard, but in Sweden….

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

See-through pieces


I’ve been writing a couple of times before about my current passion for see-through pieces. How I want to get Harri Koskinen’s block lights to the summer house,  and  Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost chair, just don’t have a perfect spot for it yet. Here's also a beautiful piece - Magino stool designed by Karim Rashid, working as a magazine rack at the same time. Anyway - I mentioned about the vision in my head about the chair – there should be a birch tree on the back-ground. The below picture was in the June ELLE decoration (UK edition)  - this is exactly what I meant!

Below is also a great sample – especially if you appreciate the Eastern carpets as much as I do – why a see-through coffee table, for example, works wonders sometimes. I’m writing a post currently also on carpets – my great passion!!

marie claire Maison May 2011/5 Turkey edition


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Sunday, May 22, 2011


This goes now a little off from the home decor world, but look at this now!!

Mavi is a Turkish brand which happens to make the best jeans in the world. I am not just saying so – it is a fact. When you visit Turkey, or even New York or Oslo, go and try on Lindy, or Alma, or Sophie, and you know what I mean.
AND – their accessories are like candy – can’t choose which one to take, gotta taste them all. And now – I bet these pretty much tell us, what next spring/summer home décor will look like!
Some ethnic touch with natural and sweet colors:

And some beach life…

Needless to say – I LOVE MAVI

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring flowers!

My sister is a true green thumb - look at these beautiful arrangements she has all around her house! Love it! I will try to convince her to start contributing to weranna's about her garden - it is just georgeous, and of course changes every week. It is admired by the by-passers, and envied by us who just cannot even remember the names of the flowers we have bought just last week. Enjoy!

Kitchen renovation

Bengt Ek
Bengt Ek designs - always as great. The above clock is one of those items we have around which I wanted to renovate the kitchen.

Here are some BEFORE pictures:

Here some AFTER -shots - looks fresher after changing the cabinet doors, the hood, and the tiles, don't it?

This empty wall here is asking me to get the below serving cart by Tecta:

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Bathroom items

I've been thinking to have curtains in front of the bathtub. Looking for ideas in the web found the above. The below curtain holders I've bought in the central market of Kuala Lumpur, if I remember correct - now they will be used!

Some other items I'm drooling over are some pieces from Balmuir - should check, though, how they take the humidity of a bathroom...

Balmuir glass lanterns

Balmuir directors chair

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mini Cooper

This car was driving in front of me this morning - had to put it here - it looks just like my blog :)!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I wrote earlier about the major bathroom renovation we have to start immediately to even be able to use the bathroom. Perhaps NOT such a perfect timing for this, but gives me something nice to think about.

Above is gathered all the things I used when my planning for the new bathroom started. It has some bathroom accessories from Chakra, a wonderful chain in Turkey which sells bathroom and homespa items. The handmade Villeroy&Boch lanterns I got from my husband (he has a great taste!) for Christmas some years back. And most importantly - the seashells in them are picked from Fidzi when we had our first trip together 9 years ago. It was the monsoon season, and you could really find some nice pieces on the beach! The big shell in front we bought from a local village when visiting from the resort. The mosaic was my first purchase - excitedly named A0203-2 by Mosaic Sweden, design by Emelie Solklippa.

Mosaic Sweden A0203

They had another really nice option, as well, but somehow I felt the greyish would be a better option.

Mosaic Sweden A0003
I am guessing this Svedbergs bathroom from years back (2004-2005?) has influenced my subcounciousness  - found it going through my files just now, and the colors and even the cabinet doors match kinda with what I'm trying to achieve:

Our bathroom is really large, and has to be rebuilt from scratch, which would give the opportunity to a bathroom of a century. But - most likely we won't be staying in Sweden forever, so it doesn't make sense. And - we want to re-use as much as possible not to spend money unnecessarily. Below is my plan which was sent to the construction company for offer:

The major surfaces in the bathroom will be very simple - walls 20X30 white tiles, floor 10X10 light grey clinker tiles. The walls around the showers will be made of glass tiles. I love the feel of the below bathroom:

Plaza 2/2011

In the back of the bathroom, the jacuzzi will be surrounded by a wooden deck. I know it is not very common to use such a solution inside, but I just don't like the feeling of a tile deck. It's cold and hard. It looks perfect, of course, but so does the wooden one :). And - if you have any trouble with the drainage of the jacuzzi, you just simply remove the deck! All around the wooden deck the walls will be covered by the above mosaic to create a feeling of a separate space.


The project starts tomorrow, yippee, and I will be following up the project in my blog the whole 6 weeks it takes.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lightning - table and floor lamps

Picking the livingroom lightning - the light either creates, or sometimes destroys, the atmosphere. A couple months back, though, I ran into 2 beauties (above and below) in Zandvoort, which I couldn't resist. At the moment they stand in our living room, and in our dining room.

I guess those of you who have read more of my notes, have figured out already my current obsession - GLASS :)! I don't know when this started - last year perhaps? I guess it has something to do with the mood swopping into more greyish colors, with industrial retro items and such. This after the candy-colored pokadots, hmmm. Perhaps then your mind tries to balance the interior with lighter items? I don't know!

Below I've gathered some pieces I adore - if you are looking for something, go check out by Rydéns - they have a very nice selection at the moment!

by Rydéns Compass
  Jielde 's  - don't you just love them:

Jielde loft

Jielde signal

Jielde signal
 Laura Ashley is one of those where you sometimes find loads, and sometimes absolutely nothing. Now was the 'nothing' phase regarding lightning, but the below items have been sold earlier:

Laura Ashley Selby glass ball lamp

Laura Ashley

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