Friday, May 6, 2011

Lightning - table and floor lamps

Picking the livingroom lightning - the light either creates, or sometimes destroys, the atmosphere. A couple months back, though, I ran into 2 beauties (above and below) in Zandvoort, which I couldn't resist. At the moment they stand in our living room, and in our dining room.

I guess those of you who have read more of my notes, have figured out already my current obsession - GLASS :)! I don't know when this started - last year perhaps? I guess it has something to do with the mood swopping into more greyish colors, with industrial retro items and such. This after the candy-colored pokadots, hmmm. Perhaps then your mind tries to balance the interior with lighter items? I don't know!

Below I've gathered some pieces I adore - if you are looking for something, go check out by Rydéns - they have a very nice selection at the moment!

by Rydéns Compass
  Jielde 's  - don't you just love them:

Jielde loft

Jielde signal

Jielde signal
 Laura Ashley is one of those where you sometimes find loads, and sometimes absolutely nothing. Now was the 'nothing' phase regarding lightning, but the below items have been sold earlier:

Laura Ashley Selby glass ball lamp

Laura Ashley

Sisustusvalaisimet, valaistus, pöytävalaisimet, sisustusideat

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