Sunday, May 8, 2011


I wrote earlier about the major bathroom renovation we have to start immediately to even be able to use the bathroom. Perhaps NOT such a perfect timing for this, but gives me something nice to think about.

Above is gathered all the things I used when my planning for the new bathroom started. It has some bathroom accessories from Chakra, a wonderful chain in Turkey which sells bathroom and homespa items. The handmade Villeroy&Boch lanterns I got from my husband (he has a great taste!) for Christmas some years back. And most importantly - the seashells in them are picked from Fidzi when we had our first trip together 9 years ago. It was the monsoon season, and you could really find some nice pieces on the beach! The big shell in front we bought from a local village when visiting from the resort. The mosaic was my first purchase - excitedly named A0203-2 by Mosaic Sweden, design by Emelie Solklippa.

Mosaic Sweden A0203

They had another really nice option, as well, but somehow I felt the greyish would be a better option.

Mosaic Sweden A0003
I am guessing this Svedbergs bathroom from years back (2004-2005?) has influenced my subcounciousness  - found it going through my files just now, and the colors and even the cabinet doors match kinda with what I'm trying to achieve:

Our bathroom is really large, and has to be rebuilt from scratch, which would give the opportunity to a bathroom of a century. But - most likely we won't be staying in Sweden forever, so it doesn't make sense. And - we want to re-use as much as possible not to spend money unnecessarily. Below is my plan which was sent to the construction company for offer:

The major surfaces in the bathroom will be very simple - walls 20X30 white tiles, floor 10X10 light grey clinker tiles. The walls around the showers will be made of glass tiles. I love the feel of the below bathroom:

Plaza 2/2011

In the back of the bathroom, the jacuzzi will be surrounded by a wooden deck. I know it is not very common to use such a solution inside, but I just don't like the feeling of a tile deck. It's cold and hard. It looks perfect, of course, but so does the wooden one :). And - if you have any trouble with the drainage of the jacuzzi, you just simply remove the deck! All around the wooden deck the walls will be covered by the above mosaic to create a feeling of a separate space.

The project starts tomorrow, yippee, and I will be following up the project in my blog the whole 6 weeks it takes.

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