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I mentioned in some post(s) last week that I had the chance to visit EVTEKS 2011 in Istanbul. This is the second largest annual home textile fair in the world, and I can't even imagine what the largest then feels like...

You like feel the fabrics (in this specific case) in your hand and just adore the patterns and the VARIETY that there is available now-a-days? I LOVE FABRICS!! I've inherited it from my mom, yes - she is always buying when she sees a nice material - she comes up with something she will make of it (of course she doesn't, in most cases), but she just has to have it. Which is great - when she (OR her daughters) then needs something, she just goes to her fabric storage, and often, she finds a perfect match to what she was looking for! And - have to mention - always the best quality. Silk, wool, cotton, linen...nice.

In our family (meaning the larger family including grandmom and aunts and such) sowing and stitching and knitting and all that has always been a part of the everyday life. With that background the fair was just a mindblower!! Hear about the trends (you can take a peek here) for seasons to come, and see how they have been developed, what has been the inspiration for the true professionals in this field...

The below fabric clips are all from the magazine Collezioni Trends Spring/Summer 2012. These fabrics are not necessarily used for home textiles, but I wanted to use these clips to highlight somewhat what I could see the most. Depending on the source, the themes vary, of course, but I personally would pick up the following 'main streams':

- White with greyish and blueish tones. Jeans, ocean, beach
-  history, gold!!, artwork with strong colors, South America
- garden inspired, ethnic, eco, natural materials

Collezioni Trends Magazine Spring/Summer 2012

And where it all begins - the yarns...can you imagine having the huge rolls of yarn in all possible colors neatly organized in shelves 3 meters tall?

I can, as I saw it...mmmmm.

sisustuksen trendit, sisustustrendit

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