Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lightning - chandeliers and pendants

Potterybarn Exeter 16-jar pendant

Isn't the above just adorable :)?

Lightning - currently I just love the new retro and loft selections on the market. If you admire the hardcore retro/vintage lamps, like I do at the moment, just go to UK based Elemental online shop or the Australian davidmetnicole, for example, and drool over their lights.

GISO, their products sold at least by Boknäs in Finland, has something I really like, as well:

Starport Interiör has some nice pieces in their selection, like the below one which I have bought a couple years back in Zandvoort:

OR get something similar at MIO of Sweden:

Lamps are challenging to pick - the above kind I can think of having almost anywhere. The silver pendant from MIO will be hanging in our laundry room next week!

The lightning selection of US Potterybarn is one of my taste - look at these great pieces below (unfortunately purchasing is difficult due to different standards):

Potterybarn Porter pendant

Potterybarn Rustic glass pendant

Potterybarn calhoun glass pendant

A completely different story when thinking of the bedrooms, the study, or something above the dining table.
When we moved to Sweden, I finally had a chance to purchase a chandelier of my dreams - the centerpiece of our bedroom. Kristallkronan has a good selection - especially their barock chandeliers.

Kristallkronan Barock-imitationsljus

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