Monday, February 25, 2013

The search for perfect hand-made ceramics

Perfect hand-made ceramics

...has been going on for some time. Until about 2 weeks ago I walk into Stilrummet to make a delivery and ask - where did THESE come from?? Wonderful, perfect, where do I find the maker, please, Marie, please?

Petra of Petras Lera has fulfilled her dream after moving to Sweden from Finland about 1,5 years ago. She is making the most beautiful hand-made ceramics one can possibly imagine. Working in same location with 7 other ceramists she is creating these beauties step by step, piece by piece.

She starts with a piece of clay in her hand. Looking at it, asking, what are you going to be? What's inside of you? She works the clay into plates, bowls and other accessories using vintage baskets and bowls as a mold.

She then picks one of the old, hand-made lace tablecloths of her grandmother Ingrid.  Presses the cloth gently into the wet clay to create a pattern. And carefully removes it to avoid any ripping of the old textile.

Perfect hand-made ceramics

After days of drying and all other necessary finishing steps, magnificent pieces of art are born. Every single one of them is unique. Hand-made with love by Petras Lera.

Perfect hand-made ceramics
Käsintehty keramiikka, keramiikkatyöt

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