Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY table

DIY table
Those of you visiting Weranna's Warehouse frequently have become very familiar with Weranna's showroom table - I just simply love it! It was one of those days last summer when I was at my in-laws ranch, and saw a pile of old floor blanks in a shed and just seeing the pile made me go 'ahhh...'. 100-200 hundred-years-old blanks, with many layers of paint and glue (from wall-to-wall carpets used during the past decades) on top. Both wooden pegs and hand-made nails had been used during the many years (all treasures safe and sound, don't worry) to keep the floor together. And I said out loud - 'what a wonderful table' or something such.

It was my brother-in-law who looked at me confused and said 'O'. You know the way they say it like 'okay, I will just now look the other way so they don't realize they've completely lost it'-kinda-way ;).

THIS, unfortunately, was one of those projects where I tell the very much capable family members that it takes 30 minutes to saw the blanks and put them together, not a biggie AT ALL, I'll get the legs from Ikea. I think it took somewhere around 7 hours in total, during 3 days. Plus the work we, Weranna's girls (the other one is still young, so I can call us girls, right?), did scraping the table and doing the finishing. But the end result...LOVE. If you wish to get the same look, use a matt finish lacquer (suitable for dining tables!) and apply 2-3 layers so you can without worry keep the table clean!

It was fantastic to see some other ideas in the latest Deko. magazine from Finland - Using a glass on top doesn't work for our family just yet, but perhaps in 15 years or so, as it looks wonderful!

Home of interior designer Mikko Toppala and Riku Pousi, Finland

Home of AD Marja Tyni, Finland
Tee-se-itse pöytä, Ikea pöydänjalat


  1. Love that table!!! I must come visit one day.

    1. Thanks, me too <3! Please come, would be great to have you :)!!