Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cottonhut for Spring/Summer 2013

Cottonhut ( story began at our summer house in 2003.  A log house, to be precise. Being here again, it felt right to share some thoughts, and post a few images of Cottonhut spring/summer 2013 collection.

In the old times in Finland, the main buildings of the farms were always  built of logs. The logs were cut from your own forest, taken to the mill, and then used for construction. When ready, very often  the house was insulated from outside with additional layer of wood, but inside the logs were visible.

The house was decorated with traditional, often self-made, wooden furniture and textiles. Rag rugs, chip baskets for storage, self-woven linen for the kitchen and bedroom. Hooks and lanterns from the local black-smith.  Bread and butter baskets from the local artisans.

As the agriculture way of life slowly faded away, were those, who still have the log-house to deocrate, forced to order the traditional items one by one from artisans becoming fewer and fewer, or purchase decoration items, which never really match the walls around them.

Cottonhut Collection was created to answer this demand.  We see our products used in a summer house by a lake, a mountain hut built of large logs, or a country home where the center is a large, all-purpose kitchen.

Traditional styles and materials. Simple, yet soft forms. With a modern touch. Carefully made by artisans, small businesses and certified producers around the world.

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