Saturday, March 2, 2013

Welcome to Weranna's Easter home

Easter inspiration
Don't you just love spring flowers? Yesterday I took some (some hundreds ;), perhaps I can use 5% of them...) Easter and spring photos at our showroom, and ended up mostly taking pictures of the flowers. You'll see during these few weeks before Easter...what really BUGS me is that I still can't get the light right. I mean look at these photos - 4 of them, all in same exact spot, within 1 minute, and all the lights are whatever. Perhaps I should just stop using the Photoshop auto color option. Ahh, I don't know.

The sun was shining outside, and it was just so pretty in our 1952 traditional wooden house. The flowers are placed in En Gry og Sif Easter egg basket to welcome the guests.

En Gry og Sif Easter Egg Basket

Spring flowers

Of course my favorite bag (my 10 kg portable office still travels in one of these, carried it all around Helsinki on Thursday, for example, UNBELIEVABLY strong), Rice Raffia Shopping Bag was with,

Pink Rice Raffia Shopping Bag
as well as another absolute must, Samantha Holmes travel shawl, hand knitted in Peru of 70% Baby Alpaca / 30% Bamboo. Ivory is one of our new colors for the spring, together with the pale pink (SOO pretty!)

Samantha Holmes travel shawl

* * *
Pääsiäisideat, pääsiäinen 2013

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I am so in need of some color and spring ....... that shawl will definitely come in handy still.