Sunday, April 7, 2013

Earthy decor inspiration

Earthy interior inspiration

This home, located in the northern Stockholm and featured in number of interior magazines, is probably one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen live. It is truly a home, no question about it, but also a visualists haven. Where ever you turn your eye, it catches something inspirational. 

I've written couple of years ago using logs in a city home - admittedly in an extremely skeptical way (now I just can't find the post!!). Well - today it just seems like a perfect idea ;). I have them myself, only painted white, but after seeing the above version, now I could actually think of just peeling them and putting some lacquer on top. And wheels, so I can roll them around as side tables!

Just got 2 other ideas, as well - wait 'til the summer. There is plenty of material at our summer house, if you remember from last summer... This lady of the house needs to take down some trees (read: asks the other family member to fix it somehow ;)) every year, because they grow, and then there is no sunlight (well, there isn't really anyway, but would be nice to enjoy those 3 beams we usually get each summer) on our terrace. In the eastern part of Finland you don't need to think of getting any shade on the summer house so it doesn't get too hot indoors - no problem with that. Where was I?  Got too inspired again...

This gorgeous home. The home was just featured in an excellent article by Seija Killström/Paula Kukkonen in Anna magazine in Finland just before Easter, 'like candy' the title said. And the home truly, truly is.

I would love to post here some more images, but the quality is so bad they wouldn't do justice to this beautiful home...Getting ready to buy me a proper camera. Perhaps today even!

maanläheinen sisustustyyli, puupöllit sisustuksessa, tee-se-itse ideat

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