Thursday, April 18, 2013

The trendiest color of 2013: Monaco blue

I've beent talking about the major trends of the interior world in the blog, mainly focusing for some weeks now on the rise of the natural colors and materials, which I've named Earthy. Now I will be continuing with some color trends...guess...yes, BLUE!

When Paulina was sending me ideas how to present our summer products at the beach, I immediately loved the idea of a beach tent. No, not one of those plastic/nylon ones that fly away with the wind if you don't carry a bunch of concrete bricks with you - but a real DIY tent. (I also made one of hay poles for the kids last summer, when going mad with the rain, read about it HERE).

In my childhoold we lived many years in Vietnam. We lived on a camp on the coast, close to the port city Haiphong.  During the long summer season, every Sunday we would drive to the Do Son beach and spend the whole day there. 3 small kids from Finland, can't really even think what it COULD'VE done to our skins.

But no...we actually went camping every week! My dad would set up a tent, made of wooden poles and a white sheet, every single time. We had water grass mats under the shade, and there my little brother would take his afternoon nap, the whole family would have lunch or a snack and when it was too hot during noon time, we would all somehow fit under (except my dad, who had the darkest skin for a Finn) and read books or play cards.

After the long day at the beach, we would drive to a certain hotel in town, order lunch (stuffed crab, fried fish) and play in the yard for the next 2 hours to wait for the kitchen to prepare it from fresh ingredients (yes, one time a crab got loose...).

Only later like this, it is amazing to think what our parents did for us when we were little. Let's do the same for our kids, shall we <3?

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