Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY seedling pots

Have you taken out the necessary seeds, and bought/prepared the little pots for this year's seedlings? Well - my mom (of course) has started this long process, and I will be happy to take those ready seedlings to my care during summer :). I wrote about this last summer, and probably will have some new experiments during the coming season, as well ;).

I have to admit - I don't like those little plastic jars on your south side window, even though they are not there to stay. Rather I would be prepared to spend some time to make something cute myself, or use something recycled.

I gathered below some favorite DIY seedling pot ideas from Pinterest (you can find all these, and much more from ). THESE ARE NOT MY IDEAS, RATHER WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THESE WITH YOU. The links to the original blog posts and photos you find in the caption:

These wonderful ideas from and
I didn't take the obvious ones, like making the little pots out of newspaper (those are really nice, as well, I just couldn't make them stand - and you will need some plastic thingy underneath, cause how will you water them? So I dropped that idea). But using baby food jars, or other glass jars you tend to recycle frequently during a year, and some hardware store stuff you can make a perfect vertical 'garden'. Or just use your old Twinings tea containers? I think I would have tens of these from my childhood if they weren't thrown away. and

How about digging out some old cans (or new, just perhaps buy some sweet corn to the little ones ;)), get a hammer and bang them to a suitable form, and afterwards paint them with your favorite colors. Or why not use a drawer for this purpose? Here used for spring flowers, but why not for herbs and seedlings? Would look as nice, and would not require so much space, either!

The white pots from and the black ones from

 The very, absolute favorites. Painting small jars with chalk coal paint...LOVE.

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  1. Kikar in och säger hej.
    Ska bli skoj att ses på Bloggdagen i maj :-)

  2. hej :). Ja, ska bli trevligt :)!

  3. Ihania ideoita, ja kiva blogi sinulla!

    1. Kiitos, Katja, kävin kanssa lukemassa sun blogia läpi, kivoja juttuja sielläkin :)! Oltiin juuri eilen Petran kanssa opiskelemassa vähän bloggaamista täällä Tukholmassa ;)