Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wonderful Georgia

Have you ever experienced a true Georgian dinner? With lots (and this is an understatement) of wine, delicious food (layers of plates in front of you) and most of all - lots of speeches.

They salute Georgia, they salute the company they work for, their friends, their family, and women. To mention a few. As a female, it is okay to follow the choreography without participating too much on the wine tasting side, it is fully up to your own wishes - for male - well - don't know if they remember much after participating the traditional way :). The commander of the table is called a Tamada, who gives the floor to the speakers. They speak from their heart, they are funny and they even make you emotional. No, you don't want to decline when the floor is offered to you.

Did you know that Georgia is actually the bio-geographical birth-place of wine, where as the cultural birth-place is somewhere in Central Europe? The best wines of Georgia are delicious, strong and tasty. The toasts are enjoyed from a wine glass, but as often from a bowl, or a horn made of bone. The horn you need to finish on one gulp, as you can't put it down. The horns come in all sizes - beware of the largest one, which can hold almost 2 bottles of wine!

And the people of Georgia? Wonderful, kind, the most friendly you can imagine. Their hospitality is out of this world. If you haven't visited Georgia yet, DO! Wonderful restaurants, perfect skiing, a bunch of international or local hotels to choose from - and very, VERY good red wine.

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  1. Wow! What a nice story you are telling! Surprise and happy to see such a beautiful summery about our experience in Georgia!