Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chic loft style home I visited last week

Last week I visited a friend to discuss some future co-operation schemes (The pictures on this post are NOT from her home, just her style!).We will start working on some new, exciting things - looking at her home she truly has something special to give to the homes of this world (including mine, I might add, those before-after pics I will happily post here when the time comes!).

Their house - it is all so neat and nice and beautiful, and at the same time - it is a family HOME. They've fully renovated it from a standard 1970's house - adding ankles and small spaces, knocking down walls and you know - all the stuff only very talented people can visualize when looking at something completely different. Their home is not a show-room created by an interior designer, but clearly a mix and match of things they love.

Upstairs they have one open space from kitchen to the living room. They've combined modern high-gloss kitchen cabinets with moroccan tiles and Tolix chairs, eastern lamp stands to Scandinavian designer pieces. Works perfectly! Their dining area ceiling is at 3-4 meters height, and as a lamp shade they have a huge, upside down basket.

I tried to catch the chic loft style open kitchen/dining area more precisely on the below mood-board - let's see ;)!

Above you find a combination of DYI (the lamp shade), Chinese jar lamps, Balmuir mohair blanket and Iittala Aalto vase, all happily in same space.  All images in the collage you can find at

keittiö, keittiön sisustus, ruokailutilan sisustus

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