Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look at this home in Plaza Koti magazine

This black and white home was introduced in the Finnish version of Plaza magazine last month. I promised to post the pictures, and here we go! The text is by Carola Sahlén, photos by Bodil Davidsson, so my guess is that the initial article has been published in the Swedish version, as the home featured is also in Sweden.

 I feel such envy for this family! For their energy, and for their strong will to be done with it - all of it! My house - hmph. We bought it a year ago, did the necessary, and after that - nothing. Well, there are reasons for this, good reasons, but still.

There's been some inquiries from some magazines if they could come and do a story on our home. I say of course, but then I will decide which rooms you get to see...

But this home - everything is perfect! Every single detail. It is actually a new house, even though it looks like an old 'gård'. But perhaps (I'm now defending myself, I know) it is easier that way? I mean - our house. Nothing needed to be done, we were able to just move in (except that upstairs bathroom I wrote about - I need to actually show you the end result of that renovation, I haven't done so yet! Let's make next week a bathroom week!) and your eyes just get used to the things that are not like they should be.

Perhaps with a new house - you invest a lot, it is such a huge project - if you are interested in home decor, you surely want your dream home to be perfect, and EXACTLY like you dreamed?

Look at that drawer - m-mmm. Imagine having all the small stuff in one large drawer like that! The kids stuff in the lower parts so can reach it themselves, and all the billion, necessary small things you need everywhere else - scissors, needless, yarn. Chargers, pens, envelopes.

Well - I think I would be a lot happier person (and my family, when I don't go around anymore like I do now - I know I put it somewhere, I know, but have no idea into which room to start with, and which drawer or which basket!!).

The kitchen:

Their bedroom with a walk-in-closet:

And some details from their bathroom:

Pure lovely.

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