Monday, March 12, 2012

Grey and yellow knits

When reading the Finnish magazine Plaza Koti, there was also an article about Jonna Hietala, who is the blogger behind a Finnish blog which I am following.

I thought to go check her blog, as I haven't done so for a couple of weeks, and was laughing happily to see her post from February 17 about a knitted tube / mini poncho she had made (also admiring her beautiful daughter who is acting as a model like a true professional :) ) - it would fit perfectly with our charity Nepal hat from the Knithitkit collection. It truly is a small world when it comes to trends - she had come up with the same color combination with stripes as Ms. Maiya from Kathmandu valley.

Knithitkit Nepal hat

And how did this hat model end up in the Knithitkits, our product range created together with Novita? The chief editor Minna Kivioja from Novita magazine fell in love with it :)! When visiting Kathmandu last fall, I took some photos of the different models available and shared some of them with Minna.

The original models in Kathmandu, Nepal

We decided to make a joint product, and give part of the income to the original creator of the model. And the fair trade organization in Kathmandu has been very happy to see their product succeed!

Neule, neule harmaa ja keltainen, Knithitkit, neulottu myssy, neulottu pipo

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