Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspired by thoughts to the wall

Ville Tolvanen, a Finnish entrepreneur, strategist and growth consultant, is one of those people who make you smile. You know the wonderful people who instead of sucking all energy from you just seem to glow it around them? Well, he's one of those people. With his straight-forward, to-the-point statements which he makes with his eyes smiling.

He's blogging for a major web-published magazine Taloussanomat about marketing ( and marketing strategies ( and growth strategies both in the internet and outer world ( His blog posts are to the point, frequent and sometimes make you sweat (he answers to his clients questions by blogging). More often they make you THINK. He's there and screaming silently, clearly annoyed, please comment and have a discussion with me!!, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not.

Unfortunately he is still writing only in Finnish - a while ago he wrote under a title 'every lived life is a piece of art'. Probably his most inspiring post of all to us entrepreneurs who are trying to survive out there  - trying to stick to our beliefs, doing the thing that makes us wake up 5 am and start eagerly working.

He wrote about people who work completely exposing themselves to outsiders - stand-up comics, actors, authors - how hard can that be? I can't imagine - I feel naked enough starting a web shop selling stuff I love and have hard time letting go.

The above is to Ville after recent discussions - and the answer to below is Amen to that. This world could use many more crazy people.

All the wall inspiration on this post can be found at, the official pallet-geek :).

Huonetaulut, inspiroivat ihmiset

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