Monday, March 26, 2012

Lovely dining

We were invited to a 3-generation birthday party Saturday evening, and were dining around this pink and white table. White from the host, pink linen runner and napkin rings made of leather both by Himla was a gift. The dear host decided to use them right there and then, and of course I had to dig out my phone and take some pics. Isn't it pretty? 

Mateus plates, which are hand-made in Portugal, are so beautiful you wouldn't necessarily need anything to accompany them at a table.

Pink roses and pink champagne...with lovely appetizers and main course of shrimp, reindeer meat, salmon, beetroot all matched with hints of green. 

You've seen some pics from this beautiful home before, as well, in my 'Light Innocense' post a while ago. The little lantern you see gives a magnificent light - it is hard to catch with a phone camera, but at least the idea is visible :).

Pöydän kattaus, kattaus, Himla, valkoinen sisustus, ruokailutila

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