Saturday, March 31, 2012

my home office needs a face-lift

Organizing my office, that is. I have a really nice home office - it is large, one wall is practically windows, it even has a fireplace! There's a 2-meter-wide mind map board on the wall, my desk is a dining-table-turned-office-desk, so it can fit everything needed. But the all over lying stuff... it sucks all energy out of me, just looking at it. There's product samples, material samples, yarn samples, PR material, marketing material, packing material, office material, studio equipment, products coming to photo-shoot, products leaving a photo-shoot, brochures...shall I continue?

I gathered here a few inspiration photos  - this is where I want to be with the office!

Enough jars for the small stuff on the desk:

A fur on my chair!!

A chalk-board for notes (a big one!)...

...organized shelves (and papers)

...and some pretty stuff. Photos and flowers and such. That window, as well, please :).

I'll try to put it together with the below combination - we'll see how the end result will be. About half of it I already have in the office (somewhere under there...), the other half needs some work. By end of April? Deal?

All the images in this post (and many more) you can find at

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  1. Its looks like it will be great. Good luck with it!

    1. Thanks Sam - we'll see how it will turn out :)! Right now - errrr - seems a bit impossible ;D. Take care!