Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blue bathroom inspiration

Blue it is. And Moroccan.

I tend to like white bathrooms, or the pictures of them. But then - nooo, I don't recall ever having one. My guess is that in the Nordic regions like Sweden and Finland, you need to have some warmth, at least visual such, in the bathroom. Because the bathroom can get CO---LLL--DD-D-D-D during the winter months.

Now the mood seems to be shifting to blue, and to more oriental such.

We are almost done with our bathroom renevation, and I will be showing you those photos this week! My computer crashed, and I wasn't able access those photos last week, like promised. You will laugh, when you see the before-after photos  - you may guess what the color was before? Yes, blue... Well, the whole thing was leaking, so we didn't have a choice, and I felt the tiles were anyway so - I don't know - 90's? Well, apparently the 90's are coming back.

And - it is not so easy with such a strong color. You need to get it absolutely right for the bathroom look lovely, not cold or tacky.

Here we go with the blue:

There is such a nice balance in this one - modern oriental.

Going a bit rustic:

Adding a tree! Well there's an easy idea for us Finns :)!

This one - had to post it for the blue and pinky pink combination - I just adore it!!!

And look at the calm atmosphere in this one - I can almost hear the Yoga tape playing in the background, can you?

All images in this post can be found at http://pinterest.com/weranna/bathrooms/

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