Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weranna's Easter

You know what feels so strange? We've been living Easter in Weranna's since this photoshoot, which took place in February, and only now we are here! Living the wonderful seasons so much in advance sort of takes the edge off the celebrations. Must be making my hubbie happy, though, as he is good at rolling his eyes to my enthusiasm to decorate our home for each season ;).

We introduced 3 kinds of Easter with our products, but this rustic version clearly was a winner! Mixing old and new, based on natural materials like linen, and decorations made of real eggs.

The below eggs don't stop amazing me. It is impossible to understand, how they can decorate these without breaking 10 for each finished one...

I am eagerly waiting to receive the Blockwallah paper and textile printing blocks to the warehouse - they are SO delicious as decoration, as well!

I will make sure to introduce the couple behind Blockwallah later on!

Pääsiäinen, pääsiäiskoristeet, pääsiäiskoristelu, pääsiäiskattaus

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