Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bathroom renovation

I've been promising to post these photos from our bathroom renovation for a while, and here we go!  This is where we took off after the water decided to find its way all the way to the basement from the bathroom the very first day after we had moved in:

I kind of liked the mid-way, as well ;):

Remember I gathered the items below around which I wanted to build a bathroom?

It is by no means done yet, but I am so far satisfied with the results - let's say we are half way, and getting there.

We are especially pleased with the wooden deck we built around the jacuzzi - the space was so big and COLD somehow, and building kind of a room-in-room did the magic. And the deck is the handiest thing with the kids!

Do you have some before and after pictures of your bathroom renovation you would like to share with me?

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  1. Your jacuzzi room with the wooden floor style is the first I've seen, it looks japanese style. I like it alot, I bet it was more cost efficient too!

    -Irwin Zinkin
    Shower Doors Nassau County

    1. Thanks Irwin! We love it - feels nice under the feet, and it really split the big space into two, like desired. AND cost effective, like you say :).