Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lunch at Ulriksdal's

Most of the time it is so easy to grab a piece of bread and a big cup of tea at the home office for lunch, but yesterday we thought to have a proper one - in my favorite place Ulriksdals trädgård. My daughter was at home with an ear infection, and it didn't take much persuasion to make her excited about the idea - she loves flowers as much as I do! So off we went - 3 women with different kinds of goals - one wanted to take nice photos (a fraction of which are shown here), one wanted to have nice vegetarian food, and one - nice pancakes :).

 Like always - the selection was mouth-watering, and you keep on eating and eating until you simple CANNOT anymore. Red cabbage salad, apple salad, sweet corn salad, hummus, Greek veggie pie, Stuffed tomatoes with goat cheese, Lentil soup with sweet mention some. YUM-YUM!

On the way out you are welcome to purchase some lovely flowers, or just pure feel the positive energy from the colourful, BEAUTIFUL settings - talk about a perfect source of inspiration, as well as a great break for your eyes from computer work. 


  1. Moikka moi!
    Olen työskennellyt aikoinaan kukkakaupassa ja siellä oli maailman terapeuttisin tuoksu aina! Varsinkin, kun uusi kuormallinen ruusuja tuli...ei voinu päivä mennä pieleen:)
    Mukavaa loppuviikkoa!!!

  2. Mmm-m :). Samoin, Anu - nyt hyökkään tuonne messuständien keskelle katselemaan, mitä kaikkea ihanaa sitä kevääksi onkaan tarjolla Keski-Euroopassa. Pitäisi vissiin miettiä jo vähän ensi jouluakin - pimeetä :).