Monday, February 13, 2012

I love Valentine's!

Snow rose - photo by S. Thure

What's your Valentine's like? Mine is usually super-romantic, thanks to my wonderful husband. A nice dinner, just the two of us, and as a gift (I love presents, both to get and give)  - some wonderful musical or theater tickets (something to look forward to!), perhaps jewelry, and...roses.

Breakfast? Hmm. Let's say it's not SO romantic with the 3 still bed-warm sweethearts crawling on top of us, rather it is quite a lot of cleaning and 'no, no, no, no...', but that's alrite. It don't need to be exactly February 14, either - the thought matters.

For him? A nice tie, cuff-links, an exclusive scarf or gloves. You may laugh, but it is actually quite the same every year - it might be the previous year's gift has gotten lost or misplaced by the time Valentine's is around the corner again, so I don't need to get overly creative :).

I've been feeling so pink lately - it started with the photoshoots for Valentines a few weeks back, and it's just getting...worse. Luckily there's women's day just around the corner!!

But 'til then - I wish you the happiest Valentine's ever.

In the air - photo by S. Thure


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