Tuesday, February 21, 2012

she's telling you what she's doing


My last blog post was a color splash - what is she doing? This isn't her style!  Well, like said, I LIKE mixing styles :) - you can call it rustic loft style, or whatever. As long as it is balanced, and looks good to your eye.

Here is some wonderful pictures of a rustic loft in Bagnolet, France, at www.miss-design.com. You see their babushkas? They've chosen to add them white (anyone know, where to get these, I want some!!), as their loft has other splashes of color in the Electric Romance style. I LOVE this interior! It has so much air, they are not afraid to mix and not match - and the end result is fantastic, and matches perfectly. The owners are both visualists, clearly.

See how it balances? They have clearly a shabby chic floor, and a cupboard. They've mixed those with industry style lightning and chairs in the kitchen, a designer lamp on top of the wooden dining table, modern shelves on the wall and a pop-art style TABAC multi-color floor light. Talk about vision - it is not very likely some interior designer would've come up with this selection if she/he was given the task to decorate this space...



...and the colors. AH. Yes, I know, I'm still going through my pink season, but isn't pink just DELICIOUS mixed with yellow? I think so.

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