Sunday, February 19, 2012

back to basics

You like babushkas? I think they are the most adorable toys for kids - and now my guess is they will be moving full speed to home interior world, let's see! The set pictured here my daughter received from Russia from her Godfather - they are the real thing. You know how the original ones have that special scent, in addition to the fact that they are clearly hand-painted?

Last week I wrote about Ambiente and the trends they introduced for 2012, and I couldn't think of any better way to describe my very favorite of those brands, 'Electric Romance', than Babushkas. They stand for everything in this trend - let me quote 'Folkloric, bucolic and traditional handicrafts appear with a new and fully contemporary look. Natural and recycled materials luxuriate in vibrant summer colours. Simple finishes, old handwork techniques and innovative combinations transcend cultural borders...traditional costumes and rustic embroidery are presented in new contexts...Carefree and with a hint of humour, the watchword here is 'Mix it yourself'.'

That we like, don't we :)? If you are following my blog on a frequent basis, you have already noticed that I don't go with any specific 'defined' style - like mentioned, I am in love with the rustic loft style, which 'requires' you to have it your way. Home decor isn't so serious, really! You have the things around you which you like to see every day, and make you feel good, and that's it.

Materials defined to this trend? NATURAL, hurrayy!! They mention wood, raffia, wool, linen, pearls, paper materials and recycled plastic.

Textures? Lace, natural, vegetable-dyed, embroidery, XXL knitwork, crochet work and wickerwork.

COLORS? The ones you see here, mixed with those natural tones of wood and linen and white.

Products then? Hand-knitted cushions and kitchen textiles made of linen - knitkits - wooden furniture - baskets, hand-made ceramics.

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