Sunday, February 26, 2012

I like PLAZA KOTI interior design magazine

Chakra rattan storage box from Weranna's Warehouse

The children are on a winter holiday, and we are spending quality time at our log house in the eastern part of Finland. The little one was sleeping in, and I had the rare, wonderful opportunity to read through the major interior design magazines in Finland (there are many in this country, by the way, we like to read magazines).

Jutta Rissanen from Plaza koti, a magazine belonging to the international PLAZA magazine family and claiming to be the most stylish home decoration magazine in Finland (I have to agree :)), had included a couple of Weranna's products to their bathroom ideas - the wonderful round storage box, as well as the massage glove, which really gets your blood going!

Chakra massage glove
It was so funny that they picked the above glove - when we were doing the photo shoot, the above was so hard to take a proper picture of :)! It really looked like a dead rat on the studio table from a distance, especially sideways. And I was thinking - what a silly product to sell in a webshop - beginner's mistakes :).

ANYWAY - in the same magazine there was a wonderful story about a BEAUTIFUL home in Sweden - I will be sure to post some pictures when my scanner decides to co-operate with me again.

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