Friday, February 3, 2012

Cinnamon rolls!

I am always amazed by trends that just come out of nowhere and just - well, make me do stuff, like buy things. Take cinnamon rolls=kanelbullar=KORVAPUUSTIT (sorry - the only right word to be used for this specific item). We moved to Sweden 3 years back (was it really that long ago??). Then was mudcake (kladdkaka här i Sverige) a must. It was served in all the cafes, and we were wondering, which joint offers the best ones.

Kladdkaka by kaikkiaitinireseptit

Kladdkaka by kaikkiaitinireseptit

Then - it was the carrot cake - morotskaka. Unfortunately (and fortunately) I was pregnant and on maternity leave during this trend, and I can almost say that at LEAST 3 kg - okay, 5 - came from carrot cake. We were selecting the coffee places based on the quality of their carrot cake!! And I got quite good at making my own - you know, how it always crashes in the middle, and then you need to put tons of icing on top to hide it (downside - less icing, when the cake itself got better!)

And now - it is cinnamon rolls. And why do I fall for these trends?? Really - I don't remember buying cinnamon rolls - well - EVER. Now when I drop into Gateau, it's not only the usual soya latte, but it is too often also the bullar in my paper bag! And talking about Gateau - their sourdough bread...almost as good as the one made by my brother-in-law, or my father-in-law. No, they don't have a competition, just happened to start almost simultaneously :).

But the cinnamon rolls...ahhh. Perhaps tomorrow?


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