Tuesday, February 28, 2012

we are at Winter Wonderland

Like mentioned in my previous post, this week has been a true luxury  - at our cottage in the Eastern Finland. When home in Stockholm, I've been feeling the spring approaching. Here - NO :)! This is the heart of winter. The days are a bit longer, we've seen the SUN a few times, there's a lot of WHITE snow. Every day is filled with outdoor activities, and afterwards we try to warm up the frozen toes in various ways. On sunday afternoon we decided to do it outdoors - eating hot dogs while enjoying the fire place - the kids loved it!!

The floor cushions made of goat skin, purchased from Turkey years back are still the best thing. Only - you need to have skiing pants on, as otherwise the hair really tickles your butt! The sink for cold drinks during summer time has become the perfect container for the fire wood...

...and the all smoky lanterns from smoke sauna were carried back to the main building to add to the atmosphere.

The chunky wool throw is from Weranna's Warehouse - I must admit that one of the motives to include this fair trade beauty to the shop's selection was that I wanted one myself...

kesämökki talvella, terassielämää talvella, ulkotakka

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