Saturday, February 25, 2012

my Easter eggs were in an accident

Luckily, luckily - no-one got hurt, but almost half of the wonderful, colourful, hand-painted ceramic Easter eggs are gone. When I received the message, there was a rush of pictures, noises and scents in my mind...

Anyone been to Istanbul knows what the traffic can be like, especially on a Saturday afternoon. Horns honking, perhaps a little slippery as it is February after all, the wonderful scent of coal hanging still over the city from the previous night, even the ezan (call to prayer) could be heard... it is no surprise that an accident happened. But my mind is completely occupied by the scene - an old truck (which they are always), transporting loads of eggs, hits another car, and....this time not an omelette, but a wonderful, colourful scene with millions of tiny pieces of my ceramic eggs! Well - I wish I had been there with my camera.

Now another set is being painted, and will be delivered in time for the Easter celebrations. If you wish to order a set from this historical lot, please let me know by sending me email from the store.


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