Saturday, March 16, 2013

Earthy Easter inspiration

Hand-decorated Easter eggs

Like I wrote in my previous blog post, the earthy 2013 home decor trend is definitely closest to my heart. Here I translated the trend to Easter. I just absolutely adore these hand-decorated eggs. These are made of real brown eggs, carved and decorated by hand.

Hand-decorated Easter eggs

Hand-made ceramic plate by Petras Lera
 Petras Lera Ingrid platter is probably the most beautiful piece of ceramic I have ever seen. And I need to confess - I dropped it on the wooden floor on thursday. Side first. Of course. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I was kind of certain it would be in 2 pieces. NOTHING. Now I don't recommend to be throwing these around the floors like I seem to be doing daily ;), but they are hard, good quality pieces.

En Gry og Sif Easter hen
 And of course the Easter hen by En Gry of Sif. My very favorite this year.

Pääsiäinen 2013, maanläheiset värit

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