Friday, March 15, 2013

My favorite trend 2013 - earthy

Earthy colors, earthy forms, earthy materials, earthy production techniques (=hand-made)...needless to say, it all sounds so Weranna's -like.

I have this corner in our upper floor - it's 'my corner'. That's where I sit (yes, even now) when the kids are playing in their rooms (read: at my feet) or watching kid's channel, and that's where I knit. With good light and a warm blanket (one could say I should blog about spring and summer, but it is SOOO COLD I just cannot give up my Kenana blanket (pictured above) and Samantha Holmes slipper boots just yet).

Anyways - the color of my corner keeps on changing. It's gone from lavender and blue to earthy, to red for Christmas, and now back to earthy.  Cottonhut cushions (available among other resellers at Stilrummet) are my very favorite - these are the use-and-wash type, which are the only option in this family.

My interior magazine basket is leather and from Balmuir, of course, and the hand-woven linen carpet from Cottonhut.

The idea for the crochet garland I got from a Swedish magazine 101 Ideer - there was a wonderful article about Annelie and her hand-made home decor ideas (more in her blog 'Tant brun' I just had to try using Novita's Hanko yarn. Perfect. The pattern is ridiculously easy, and I got my garland done in about 2 hours. Unfortunately I cannot post the instruction here, as I might get into trouble doing so, but you can find one similar at Sarahndipities. Have fun :)!

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