Thursday, May 26, 2011

Side Tables

HOME art May 2011

EVTEKS in Istanbul was wonderful! The fair gave me tons of inspiration, as well as the rare chance (read: time in the airplane) to flip through 10-15 international lifestyle / home decor magazines.

Here is a collection of some beautiful side tables and arrangements I found. Needless to say - Turkish are the best at this. Anyone who has visited a Turkish home has seen that they have these wonderful arrangements even outdoors in their garden. Below also a nice tip for us: have your arrangement on a beautiful tray - easier to remove when dusting!

HOME art May 2011

Also; I kind of promised myself I won't be mentioning IKEA in this blog, as the company tends to define the style and the trends in Scandinavia TOO much, but here you see a nice side table set designed by Ola Wihlborg.

And here a HAAZ version

HOME Art May 2011
Or why not use a beautiful chair...

Country Living May 2011

sivupöytä, sisustusideat

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