Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas at the Cottage

How do you spend your Christmas? We have very specific (very FINNISH ;), more about that later during the week) traditions, but they take place a bit here and there. My favorite? At the summer house.

You know how it is so busy at the cottage during the summer with all the possible renovation projects and guests and this and that that you are almost thinking that it is good to get back to every-day life and rest ;)? Well, during winter it is not like that at all, at least not at our summer house.

We just basically lazy around all day - the biggest event being an occasional trip to the grocery store 10 km away. Or down-the-hill-with-whatever-equipment with the kids. Followed by hot cholocate, of course. Or starting the sauna (yes, will be posting some photos of the Finnish smoke sauna craziness in the middle of the snow when the time comes) - it takes quite a few rounds to get it from -10C (or less) to the needed +90C. Otherwise - we just ARE, eat too much chocolate - and wonder 1 week after why the favorite jeans are now so much tighter than before.

Today is officially the last day to take in orders for before-the-holidays deliveries...and I am actually quite excited. I haven't taken a whole week off since last Christmas, only a few days here and there, and I so look forward to winding down with the family and just BE.  You'll be hearing from me, for sure, but probably more photos of the Christmas-home-of-the-christmas-maniac-woman than anything else...

Really enjoy the last days, all of you :). For once, I can say I am almost done with everything already (thanks to my shoulder which kept me from working on the computer ;)), and that feels just wonderful.


  1. Oh I am sooo happy for you. I think we are almost done over in our neck of the woods. I've got a few more shoots to wrap up a wonderful year. I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, Tracey :). You, too, have a beautiful and peaceful holiday season, my dear Cyber-friend <3