Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recycling flowers

DIY recycled flower arrangement

My husband turned 40 (goodness...) just before Christmas. And with that, he got a fair amount of BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements. One of them came with the sponge thingy, you know the one where you stick the flowers into when you make the arrangements?

It was made of red and white tulips, and green leaves, and was stunning until the tulips got tired. The sponge thingy had to be reused, OF COURSE, and the green leaves were also still in perfect shape. We also had some ivy in the garage, only half of the branches dead (I saved the pots from under the snow, and they didn't crack this year!!!). And from previous years - some small cones and dried mandarin slices in the Christmas decoration box. Some white flowers from the grocery store - and 15 minutes later I was quite happy with the result.  What do you think?

DIY recycled flower arrangement

I've had this hobby for some years, and I absolutely have no talent in it, but I just enjoy the end result at the dinner table :), as I don't enjoy peeking to the other side of the table through high flower bushes. Some photos of previous projects you can find here:

DIY recycled flower arrangement

kukka-asetelma, matala kukka-asetelma


  1. I absolutely love it and adore that you like doing it. You might want to think about taking it a little further ....... ya never know!

    1. ;) thanks, Tracey! I've planned to join a course for the past 3 years, perhaps 2013. It would make me happy to know at least a little what one should be doing...