Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let it snow...

We sure have got our share of snow during the past week...beautiful, just beautiful...

Even right now, looking out the window from the corner of our couch (where I am spending the day with a little one who is sick, the winter season has REALLY started ;) ), it is snowing. It really looks like we are getting the always wished white Christmas...<3

These photos I took in Skogsbo gård last week - I really can recommend ANYONE wanting a moment away from the busy every day life to drop by and enjoy a cup of tea...the atmosphere in this place is amazingly calm. LOVE the place.


  1. Everything seems so much calmer right after a snow fall. One of my favorite thing is listening to the silence as snow falls. So pretty.

  2. Tracey - my words exactly <3. I said to someone just the other day, that somehow snow brings peace and quiet. AND - I love your profile photo in Facebook - might need to steel the idea - giving you all the credit, of course :)!