Sunday, January 27, 2013

Building a DIY fair stand... a lot of work. And not, as it is so much fun :)! I thought somewhere there during the process that I could actually, instead of an interior designer, become an 'interior realizer'. Why? Because I've always enjoyed the physical side of the work.

I also loved the images that were flashing through my mind during the sleepless nights before and after Christmas (after I was crazy enough to say 'YES' to the offer from FORMEX to double our space as someone had cancelled at the last minute. DON'T accept, is my advice, unless you are completely crazy like me ;)). Extremely talented Paulina Arcklin had made excellent plans for Weranna's how it will all work out with 4 brands to present at the initial stand, but...yes, well, when plans change...

Luckily I love the planning, who doesn't? Which structures, which materials, which colors? How to build the contrasts between Weranna's products with soft forms and the surroundings? How to bring up the textures of the hand-made beauties in the most flattering way?

I loved the preparation (which required the not-so-smart trailer trips to the local market with slippery ground and 2 petite ladies loading wood and keeping the lid of the trailer up and ..... well, it all ended without anyone injured, those small wonders in life). The carrying (lot's of it), the painting (I thought of it more as biceps and triceps exercise) and all that.

I loved the building of the stand. It took us all in all about 20 hours.

I hated tearing it down. It took 4 hours. Almost precisely. And left me with a 3-day hangover, or at least so it felt ;).

The most challenging, time consuming part? More about that in the next post :).
messuosasto, messuosaston rakennus

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