Saturday, June 16, 2012

this summer it is really back to basics

What are your summer plans? Travelling? Staying at home? Visiting friends? Ours - staying at our summer house and taking it easy. Enjoying the silence.

When one is made in Finland, you just sort of need the silence. Here - some hundreds of kilometers away from everything, by Lake Saimaa and in the middle of the forest - yes, it is quiet. Yesterday, when driving, I had this vision in my mind - after crazy 2 weeks and with little sleep (way too little), I will sit somewhere alone in peace and have a glass of wine. 2,5 hours after we arrived we are still going on like madmen, carrying stuff (like the Clematis here in the awfully heavy copper vase...) and hungry and  - you know all that.

So what does this mother do? Pours herself that glass of wine and volunteers to start the sauna (pictured above). And finally enjoys the quiet. Ahh - heaven on earth.

It has been kinda hectic year - full of happy moments and good memories, as well, but  - well, not getting into that now. So this summer it will be REALLY back to basics. Sleeping.

Spending a lot of time with the kids doing DIY stuff - I've thrown some ideas to Facebook already, there is a dozen more to come. Stay tuned :). ECORATING it can be called - almost anything old (enough ;)), as long as it is made of natural materials, can be upcycled to something beautiful. The Finns are traditionally world champions on this, especially my mother's generation after experiencing the war in their childhood.

Some small projects around the yard and the buildings - some painting and tuning and adjusting - you'll see ;).  And knitting and crocheting - for Knithitkits, for sure, but also just ideas to share.

And - some personal development - learning to use a camera. THIS will be the challenge of the summer.

But, but - my dear readers; Enjoy the summer and the slow mornings, have colorful picnics and eat lots of raspberries, and just BE. And while at it, visit every now and then :).

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