Friday, June 22, 2012

Preparing the smoke sauna for midsummer

This spring and summer I've been so crazy about dark blue, lavender and pink that I couldn't help myself even for midsummer...last year it was birch tree, this year it is clearly the road-side wild lupines.

The sauna is now almost ready, so this will be now a quick post with photos - enjoy you all out there, we certainly are :)!

So hard to capture the smoke coming out of the door - but it's there :)

Old fish-net - from 1948, it says.

Our tradition - the men go first and use the sharp heat from the stove. Ladies turn...milder, with some champagne ;).

The water is there so you can rinse your feet when running back to the sauna from the currently freezing cold lake...

Our above Peshtemal towels from Turkey have been in great use in the smoke sauna for years - some of them have faded a bit when they've spent too much time drying outside (like over the winter or so...), but I can't do anything except recommend these.

Ready to go...

Savusauna, juhannus, juhannussauna

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