Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer fun in Finland

Sure - it rained again today ;), but it is like this always in June. Next year we might skip these first 2 weeks at the summer house - just so that we don't need to drag the winter clothing with us...

Very close to our summer place there is a place called Niinipuu. Kids love the place, and usually it is an enjoyable boat ride to go there. Well - this mommy of theirs still hasn't learned to operate the parking part (among other parts, which are on the to-learn list for this summer...), so that didn't happen today.

Okkolan lomamökit has a number of summer cottages for rent by Lake Saimaa (their books are full for the next 2-3 years, if I recall right, but you may always check...) and a perfect, traditional Finnish restaurant in VERY traditional surroundings.

Their speciality? Smoked salmon, directly from the smoking oven, served on a piece of wood...our 5-year-old loves the fish so much, he walked right in and ordered a portion for himself ;).

There were geraniums and violets (the trendiest flowers at least in Sweden at the moment)...

...and some special characters scaring away the unwanted guests :).

A lovely day despite the rain :).

kotimaanmatkailu, Niinipuu, Niinisaari, Okkolan lomamökit

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