Friday, June 8, 2012

Rusty stuff

Inspiration on this post photographed at Zetas and Ulriksdal
One of the summer 2012 trends is definitely RUST. When I first saw the gigantic, rusty garden decorations (like horse-size grasshoppers and such) at a fair about a year ago, I must admit I was thinking - seriously...

But now - my eyes have kind of grown used to the rusty stuff, and must admit - it looks even nice. Like the rusty woven basket above. Not indoors, and not for benches (the practical me couldn't take it...), but for flower pots and other garden stuff - NICE.  I would love to have an old rusty gate like below and have some plant climbing it...okay, need to remember to pin it to my shopping list - and please don't ask what it is about the tan coloured shoes on that list...

I am still a bit hesitant how it acts with rainfall - will there be a nice rusty ring on the patio forever after, or have they done something to prevent it? Rust is nice when it doesn't act like rust does...

Rusty flower vase on a rusty flower bench in Ulriksdal
Ruoste, kesä 2012 trendi, kukkaruukku, puutarha

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