Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer trend 2012 - Electric Romance

Berried hues by Design Seeds

Do you know Design Seeds and the wonderful Jessica behind the color palettes? If you are in Pinterest and interested in Home Decor, it is impossible to miss her work, of course. This one she brought up yesterday again, as it is SO SUMMER! I saw it and immediately got these images to my head about a summer picnic :). (And this Sunday morning I really REALLY rather look at my computer screen and her inspirational colourful palettes than the cloudy weather outside which does NOT remind me of a summer picnic...)

As written also before, one of the spring/summer 2012 trends was named 'Electric Romance' in Ambiente 2012 show. I wrote about it again in back to basics, that time taking our daughter's babuskas as a product to describe the trend.

Also the June 2012 edition of ELLE decoration brought up the trend very strongly the ELLE way (congrats, a very solid edition, by the way). One of their major articles introducing a beautiful home in Brooklyn was actually named 'back to basics' ;). My next post will be from ELLE and their article 'Signature style', a wonderful home in Sweden. It is really signing the trend :).

My mind enjoys the lightly softer colour interpretation, like above. I'm trying to learn to make nice collages (learning, really trying to...), and this time wanted to do it around a summer picnic. Have a beautiful Sunday, my friends <3!

We are leaving for the summer house in a few days - let's see what kind of a picnic we are able to arrange with these elements :). Photos will follow...

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