Monday, July 2, 2012

Herb table inspiration

Got me a herb-table - made by my father-in-law <3. It is just gorgeous! Someone was wondering a couple of weeks ago, what kind of shop-keeper are you? Always talking about self-made and upcycled and inherited treasures.

What can I say? If you buy something, do it with good conscience. But especially for the summer house - there is so much you can make yourself or have custom made by locals. Or then you do like me - ask, very very kindly, from someone extremely handy - or ask your Mom ;)).

But this herb table and it's contents - it is a perfect sample of the values us kids were raised with, spending long summers with our stay-at-home-mom and her parents at our seaside summer place in western Finland:

DIY, if you can - you always get better quality and exactly what you want:

DIY Herb table

Herb table which can be dismantled

This one - the pieces are numbered, you can dismantle it and store it away for winter. I promise you - this baby will last for generations :).

Whatever you make or buy, it needs to be practical: knowing her daughter, mom has used 6 self-watering planters in this one. No, not the prettiest, for sure, but very handy. 

This one made me hysterical (it screams MOM!!) - she buys lettuce in the small planters, you know, if she hasn't got any from her own garden yet. Then she sticks the remains to the ground, and it actually starts producing more lettuce...NEVER throw anything away you can reuse :) :)!

The signs here come with blackboard, available from Weranna's HERE. A small hint for outdoor use: Use those kid's crayons which you've stacked away because they are hard to get off - rain don't do anything.

I am now so happy with my little garden - it even has some flower. A little flower does always good :).

Keittiöpuutarha, yrttipöytä, yrttipöydän teko-ohje


  1. Nam!
    Oikein kivan näköinen yrttipöytä.
    Kivaa kesää:)

  2. Kiitos Anu! Samoin kivaa kesää sinne :)