Friday, July 27, 2012

Birch tree wreath turned crayfish party wreath

They are such funny looking creatures, aren't they :)? Felt like making a wreath the other day - I usually make at least 1 larger flower garland each summer, but this year haven't managed for some reason.

My hands were itching to make at least SOMETHING, so it became a wreath made of birch tree branches together with some red roses and white carnations. For the crayfish party I would add a few crayfishes - just because.

AHH - and I simply love when I write a post and then blogger decides not to save it, so here we go the second time...

And must admit - I cheat when making these. I am using an old base made of birch branches and tied with wire. I tie the fresh branches on top and secure with some jute twine. As I figure - these last only a few days, so why bother to spend hours on it each time?

A TIP TO HAVE THEM LAST THOSE FEW DAYS: Sink into a large bucket filled with water when not in use, easily triples their age. Just remember to remove the crayfish; if you don't, you'll know the next morning, why ;).

Making it made me happy, now looking at it makes me happy - so a good project overall :).

kranssi, rapujuhlat

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